Marketing Plans, Projected Incomes, Bench

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Partial List of “Marketing Plans, Projected Incomes, Bench”

Want to learn more about the clients and projects that Serenity Entertainment has had the privilege to work with? See a list below of companies and clients that we have partnered with as we have expanded our industry presence.

● As part of our strategy, we have targeted clients in a variety of market channels, including Multi-Media Marketing Strategies
● Radio Air-Play
● Social Media Marketing
● Affinity Group Demographics
● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
● YouTube Streaming

As we grow our brand presence and client base, our goals will be met through a variety of outlets – including the integration of online bloggers and media influencers who can catapult our company’s reach even farther.

Serenity Entertainment - Music Streaming - Golden Rule Song

Music Streaming

Did you know that Spotify has 47.8% of the market share in our industry? Spotify pays the record label (Serenity) .00397 cents per stream for each song that is accessed on the service.

1 Million Streams = $3,970
100 Million Streams = $397,000
1 Billion Streams = $3,970,000.

For perspective, Spotify’s Top 100 Single Song stream numbers range from 1.995 Billion Streams ($7,920,150) to 664 million streams ($2,636,080)

Serenity Entertainment is the first agency to globally mass-market the iconic words and music to “The Golden Rule”, “The Serenity Prayer”, and “The 23rd Psalm”, via music streaming in both English and international languages. Through the streaming of these three iconic songs, we project to reach the median range paid to the record label on Spotify, coming out to nearly $3,243,490.

Music Streaming - The Golden Rule Song - Serenity Entertainment

More Music Streaming

Recording artist “Drake” published the song “God’s Plan” January 19, 2018, utilizing the streaming services of Spotify & Apple. From that date to December 7, 2018, (10.5 months) that song sold 1.117 Billion Streams on Spotify – earning his record label $4,434,490.00. *From 2017 – 2019, music streaming had a 14% industry increase. In 2019, music streaming was 79% of the $7.3B achieved by recorded music revenue in the U.S. Total U.S. music revenue: $20B+. (Statista-2020).

Global Marketing - Marriott - Serenity Entertainment

SIGNIFICANT Marketing Opportunities With MARRIOTT Hotels and HUNDREDS of Global Companies

Providentially, the Marriott brand is currently driving its mission with The Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ as a slogan for 4 of their brands. Many other companies are using these words to communicate concern for others and their ability to deliver the ultimate in guest/client/buyer satisfaction.


Currently, the licensing fees for music used in TV, Radio, Social Media Marketing Ads & Slogans ranges between $10,000 and $100,000+ depending upon length of license, industry exclusivity, and back-end publishing royalties. This means that Serenity Entertainment has a unique opportunity to capture a large market share of the revenue for the use of “The Golden Rule” with companies that wish to use our iconic songs.

Licensing Revenue - Serenity Entertainment - Golden Rule Song

Revenue Generated From Licensing Fees

Per “Score a Score” and “The Tangent Agency,” licensing fees for music used in TV, Radio, Social Media Marketing Ads & Slogans ranges between $10,000 and $100,000+ depending upon length of license, industry exclusivity, back-end publishing royalties, etc.

Copyright Growth Potential - Serenity Entertainment

Copyright Growth Potential

Serenity Entertainment owns and will aggressively exploit and monetize the music copyright for our songs for many years over multiple ad-formats (TV, Radio, Social Media Marketing Ads and Videos).


Our copyright and branding growth has the unique opportunity to expand through: Venture Capital Investment Firms, Hotels, Banks, Retailers, The Hospitality Industry, Hospitals, Tech Companies, Investment Advisors, Telecom Services, Hedge Funds and more!

Serenity Entertainment - Partnerships

Unique Partnership With Bob Hutchens

Marketing guru Bob Hutchens was instrumental in the creation and implementation of the online marketing campaigns for “The Chronicles of Narnia” movies. The first of the series, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, achieved over $745,000,000 in world-wide sales, compared to Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” with only $600,000 worldwide sales.)

In our partnership with Bob Hutchens, we will use all available networking and marketing companies to aggressively drive our strategy of Global Music PR Streaming, Strategies, & Sales.

Strategic Partnerships - Serenity Entertainment

Additional Strategic Partnerships

Castle & Bornstein
Serenity Entertainment has also collaborated with marketing experts Valerie Castle & Doug Bornstein to strategize and introduce new marketing opportunities.

The Adams Group
Through our work with Gina Adams, (The Adams Group), our team has worked to strategize, implement, and oversee all public relations strategies throughout the agency. This includes the marketing of Serenity Entertainment resources through radio station airplay and other outlets to inspire listeners and encourage sales.

Serenity Entertainment Works with Salem Web Networks

Salem Web Networks

Salem Web Networks is one of the most well-known brands in the Inspirational Marketplace with 21 global brands with unparalleled reach. Their “Contemporary Christian Music Format” which includes Serenity Entertainment music, reaches more than 6 million listeners every month on over 1,504 stations and a social following of 42 million Facebook fans. 

Digital Music Distributions Services - Serenity Entertainment

Digital Music Distribution Services

The company will utilize CD Baby plus every global music and marketing platform it deems appropriate (such as TuneCore and Disc Makers). CD Baby worldwide distribution platform is unique in the music industry with 150+ digital distribution partners such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon to name just a few. We’ve also worked to distribute to over 150 digital music stores globally to showcase, promote, and globally sell our client’s music products.

Serenity Entertainment


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