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Serenity Entertainment

Formed and founded in December of 2015 by David Mattson, Serenity Entertainment, Inc. is a full-service Wyoming corporation, with 10,000,000 shares of common stock, operating in negligible-cost “virtual structure.”

Serenity Entertainment, as copyright owner and publisher of its music catalog, has numerous sources of publishing income such as, but are not limited to: Film, Videos, TV Performance, Radio Airplay, Ringtones, Motion Pictures, Records, Cover-Recordings, Downloads, Music Streams, Commercials, Publishing Valuation, etc. The music publisher (in our case Serenity Entertainment) receives “Fifty Percent” (50%) of royalties earned by the songs in their catalog”. The “writer” receives the other “Fifty Percent” (50%).

Mattson has filed SERENITY Entertainment’s music copyrights with the “Federal Copyright Office.” Even though the words and titles of their Iconic Title and Verse Music are “public domain”, once the company’s music is added, the final product is legally enforceable as a proprietary music copyright. This copyright legally protects The Company from anyone else using these musical adaptations of their works without prior permission and payment.

Serenity Entertainment


For Investment, Licensing, & Cover-Song Opportunities Contact David Mattson:

415.398.9905      or     drmserenity@comcast.net

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